Recurrent Miscarriage 

Two or more pregnancy losses in a row 
There are many reasons why someone may experience one or recurring miscarriages. We understand this can be a stressful and upsetting time especially for women. Fiat FertilityCare has a way of looking to find possible pointers for risk factors. Understanding your body and how it works on a deeper level will allow you to evaluate your situation and motivate you to make changes to reduce the risks, once they are identified. 
In our experience optimising the pre-conception hormone environment improves the chance of a successful pregnancy outcome. 
Fiat FertilityCare can help to identify subtle differences in cycle patterns or hormone investigations that may be contributing to the risk of miscarriage. Couples are true partners with the FertilityCare professionals in gathering baseline standardised observations through the Creighton Model FertilityCare system. Once identified, we refer for NaProTechnology to provide supportive treatment. 
When conception occurs progesterone levels are checked in early pregnancy and support provided if results and previous medical history indicate this is likely to be beneficial. 
“We conceived after barely three months of charting. With the progesterone supplements, we carried our child to term this time and welcomed our daughter into this world in March this year." 
Couple from Cambridge 
Please note: we only work additional and do not replace the usual NHS antenatal care. 
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