About Ira Winter - Fiat FertilityCare™ 

My name is Ira and as I was born in Austria - it’s pronounced Eera. I got inspired with this work at a conference in 2004 when I realised that excellent women’s health care - that does not suppress natural fertility - and fertility support - that does not side-step natural conception - was a viable reality. I wanted to be a voice for this in the UK. So I undertook additional training. What I thought would occupy an evening or so a week became a full-time job within 4 years and so I left the NHS after 20 happy years there. 
Working in private practice allows me the freedom to offer the time, space and support to each individual couple as they need it. Using the CrMS as the objective assessment tool for the woman’s cycle, I then combine my Naturopathy training with the NaPro Nurse Practitioner training to guide each couple along their family planning and fertility health journey. After 10+ years I feel as passionate as ever that the right of couples to ‘have their own children’ is worth fighting for. 
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