5 Hidden Facts About Infertility You Should Know 

1. The role of mucus for conception 
For natural conception to be possible the woman must have mucus around the time of ovulation, a good egg and the man must produce sperm. This fact has been well established since the scientific work by Odeblad in the early 1950’s. Yet medical assessments centre on sperm and egg only, with no assessment of the mucus. Let’s get this right: No mucus – no conception. The sperm needs the mucus to reach the egg. Would you know if you have sufficient mucus? 
4. Early pregnancy support 
Most IVF clinics will support early pregnancy with progesterone, yet if you naturally conceive and have a miscarriage history, you are highly unlikely to be offered this support. We believe natural conception deserves the same attention. 
We offer pregnancy hormonal monitoring. Our clients with proven suboptimal levels and increased miscarriage risk are referred on for progesterone support.  
2. Mucus and Clomid 
A frequent side effect of Clomid (Clomifene), an ovulation induction medication is a reduction of mucus (Remember point one). If you are currently using this medication are you being assessed for this side effect? How do you or your physician know what is more or what is less mucus? NICE Guidance states a maximum of 12 cycles of ovulation induction medication. How unfortunate, if ovulation was now linked with insufficient mucus and the sperm cannot reach the egg. 
The charting method that Fiat FertilityCare teaches provides full feedback on day-by-day mucus observation and should such a side effect occur, an appropriate medical treatment response can be made. 
5. Male factor infertility 
When there is proven male factor infertility, the woman feels she can do nothing. Couples are simply advised to have regular intercourse without getting stressed about timing it to potentially fertile days. 
We say on the contrary, since the husband’s fertility is only truly active when the wife is fertile (i.e.: her mucus is present), knowledge of the fertile window empowers a couple to flexibly time intercourse within that window as suits the relationship. 
3. Publication of research information 
We are led to believe that the only solution to infertility is IVF. When a study came out to show that the alternative of NaProTechnology had “live birth rates… comparable to more invasive treatments, including ART” (assisted reproductive technologies), this did not hit newspapers or television, despite 1 in 6 couples being affected by infertility. 
We think you might like to read this for yourself and offer you a link here
Couples charting with the Fertility Care system can thus positively influence their chances of conception by timing intercourse to best survival for sperm. This is additional or ahead of any medical intervention for male factor infertility. 
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