Did your heart sink when IVF was mentioned at your fertility consultation? Want to keep the ‘lovingly conceived’ aspect of your fertility story? 

We are here to guide how to stay true to God’s plan for conception and make your dream for a family a reality. 


Solving Infertility 
By searching beyond the ‘unexplained’, we help married couples to achieve natural conception. NaProTechnology works in harmony with nature to restore normal fertility. 
Women’s Health 
For women, who would like to understand their cycle better. Support when coming off contraception to address an underlying issue masked rather than treated by the contraceptive Pill. 
Recurrent Miscarriage 
Our programme for married couples will identify and treat, pre-conceptually, anything that may be predisposing them to miscarriage risks. We try to optimise the hormone environment. 
Natural Family Planning 
NFP (or natural fertility management) meets 21st Century standards of reliability. Natural, informative and research based. Learn the best kept secret for a happy lasting marriage. 
“The whole experience for me has been amazing – I’d definitely recommend it to someone who wants to get pregnant now or in the future.” 
Agata from London 
“We first started working with Ira six years ago, and we’ve been blessed with two children, but we would like to have a third. NaPro takes into account my wellbeing and all aspects of my person." 
Justyna from London 
“ Thanks to them we have the family we always wanted. We will continue to recommend the Service to those who wish to explore fertility issues in a deeper and more holistic way.”  
Katie and John from London 
5 hidden facts about infertility that you should know 
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