Establishing well-being through complementary therapy techniques 
We look at the root causes contributing to poor fertility health. This requires a wider, whole body perspective. We look to optimise those factores that indireclty impact fertility potential, such as lack of sleep, poor nutrient status, energy patterns, stress resilience etc. To improve fertility involves implenting mangeable changes for both him and her in order to affect the joint fertility potential and enabling the couple to cross the conception threshold.  
“We approached Fiat Fertility Care after 6 years of on and off fertility treatment at our fertility services at the NHS. Unfortunately, we reached a point when the only option that was offered to us was IVF treatment. This was not in agreement with our personal views as a couple. 
Initially, we were sceptical about the Naprotechnology approach as we felt there was a greater focus on the female partner. We had been diagnosed previously with male infertility only (low sperm motility and morphology). 
The Service took a different approach and focussed on our fertility as a couple instead. Ira, [the nurse practitioner/Naturopath] and Dr Magee [NaPro physician] helped us to improve our overall health in order to raise our fertility. The programme brought us closer together as a couple and also set us towards understanding our fertility, overall health and well-being. After 10 months in the programme we conceived our baby boy Dominic-Maria. 
We are very grateful to Ira and Dr Magee for their time and expertise. Thanks to them we have the family we always wanted. We wish that the programme was better known and we will continue to recommend the Service to those who are in a similar situation to ours and who wish to explore fertility issues in a deeper and more holistic way.” 
Kasia and Gary from London 
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