Our practice is based on the churches teaching on marriage and family life, this article on the meeting and outcome statements from Rome, affirms the very work we are doing. The goal is to identify and restore natural fertility without breaking the marital bond. 
Clare shares her story about her challenges with her health, conception, and ultimately how the practice of the Creighton Model System, Naturopathy and NaProTechnology helped to investigate the root cause for her infertility, restore her health, and help her and her husband concieve the baby they spent over four years trying for.  
Lucy writes about her journey using the Creighton Model FertilityCare system in assisting her and her husband with identifying their fertility challenges. I love the way her story shows the holistic spectrum of making life's decisions and how following the Creighton/NaPro path allowed them to stay true to their core beliefs. Click on the link to read her story.  
We all know about the idea of positive thinking. Why does it not always work? Dr Joe Dispenza in his book 'Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself' uses mathematical and physical models to illuminate how humans can influence their future. 
For me, much of my journey was a battle of trying to work out what exactly God had promised me and how much I was supposed to do to bring about his promises. 
Staying positive on a long journey to parenthood can be a challenge. There is the monthly ups and downs as well as the cumulative stress of keeping schedules, medications, supplements etc all going with a smile month after month when the end seems nowhere in sight. Some days seem easy and hopeful - others doom and gloom. How is one to cope.  
Until in the UK infertility patients wake up and stop asking only IVF experts for treatment choices, they will get IVF, and more IVF…well perhaps ICSI. 
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