Woman's health 

Improving your reproductive health before you are ready for children 
Discovering you have a problem at the point where you want to have children can be stressful, especially when time is not on your side. 
I’m always happy to help young women who want to understand their bodies and improve their reproductive health and avoid contraception. 
“I never had regular periods and I’ve seen one gynaecologist after another, but nothing worked to fix them – my periods were always messed up." 
Ira was recommended to me and the first session was great. It opened my eyes to how little we women know about our bodies. 
“At the beginning, I wasn’t sure [about the method] but over time I could see that it makes sense. It gives me a really clear picture of what’s going on in my body. I can adjust things – change something in my diet – and see from one month to another whether anything is different [with my cycle]." 
Agata from London 
“It is one of the most valuable experiences of our lives. We like the very personal and sensitive service we continue to receive. We like the extremely informative decisions and recommendations, we like the knowledge we have been equipped with about our bodies and how to achieve and maintain optimum fertility and general health.” 
Couple from Manchester 

Who can benefit from woman's health education? 

Women struggling with: 
irregular or long cycles 
absent cycles 
painful periods 
pre- or peri-menopause 

Who can benefit from this support? 

Fiat FertilityCare offers a systematic and holistic approach to assessing the issues contributing to their situation. We work cooperatively with the client's GP where possible especially for further investigations.  
We offer Naturopathy treatment to alleviate the underlying cause.  
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