We first started working with Ira six years ago, and we’ve been blessed with two children, but we would like to have a third. 
My first language is Polish, so I had fears in the beginning that I might not understand the terms, but any questions I had, Ira fully explained things to me. 
She’s a very professional, knowledgeable person with lots of empathy. She doesn’t just recommend changes, like cutting out caffeine and cutting out sugar as much as possible, she gives you tips for how to make it work in a busy lifestyle. 
We used to go to appointments in person, but now with children it’s harder to travel, so we do everything by phone or Skype. I send my chart beforehand so she already knows what’s happening with my cycle. If I have any concerns I can bring them up, and Ira will correct things on the chart and correct things. She listens very well, and has a very gentle manner – she’s very encouraging and motivating. 
I think this method is much less harmful for emotions than IVF, and it’s better for me as a practicing Catholic. It is good for my bond with my husband, as we both do observations – he’s been involved from the beginning. It’s a holistic approach. NaPro doesn’t look at me only as a woman who wants to get pregnant – it takes into account my wellbeing and all aspects of my person as a human being. 
Justyna and Martin from London 
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