'I found Fiat Fertility Care in 2017, after discovering I likely had PCOS; 
I didn't want to go onto birth control, primarily due to my faith, but also because artificial hormones wouldn't help the PCOS either. Ira helped me to understand the workings of my body with regards to fertility through natural means. 
I was getting married that October, and my husband and I both wanted children, so I wanted to learn about how to help that occur naturally. Ira is a fantastic teacher, super patient with my slow learning, and very good at explaining things in laymen's terms. 
We had monthly meetings via Skype to go over cycles, and explanations. It was very helpful. I understand so much more about how my body functions! 
The following January after we got married, I found out we were expecting. Sadly about a week later, I realised I was losing the baby at about 6 weeks gestation. When I got pregnant the next time about 3 months later, I called Ira immediately, and she organised blood tests to see if a repeat miscarriage might occur. With this test, I learnt that I wasn't producing a lot of Progesterone, which is likely what happened with the previous pregnancy. Fiat Fertility Care was able to put me in contact with a Doctor who was able to prescribe me Progesterone to help the baby survive. I only needed to take it for a month before my body was able to naturally produce enough by itself. That boost really helped, because in January 2019 we had a beautiful little girl, Anastasia, arrive. I haven't had any issues with fertility since, having a second girl, Zelie, in April 2020, and I am currently expecting another little bundle to arrive in October if all goes well. I haven't required extra progesterone or other outside help to continue these pregnancies, but I am so very grateful to Ira and Fiat Fertility Care for their help in learning my cycles, and helping me keep my baby alive. I hope to have a refresher lesson or two after the newest arrival to keep on top of cycles and to be in control of my fertility naturally. 
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