We all know about the idea of positive thinking. Why does it not always work? Dr Joe Dispenza in his book 'Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself' uses mathematical and physical models to illuminate how humans can influence their future. 
The idea is in many ways simple. Imagine a dreaded event or situation and you can feel your body respond to that thought without the event actually occurring. Apparently just our thinking influences and forges new brain connections and builds the memory pool. In order to influence our memory deposit towards some positive or desired outcome, it is equally necessary to build the positive connections with that outcome. This must be more than just a thought. It has to be imagined to the point that the body feels the delight, the joy, the happiness. Only then does it influence the brain-memory connections. 
What Dr. Dispenza is proving with science is also found within religious belief. During a recent 54-day Rosary Novena the first half the prayers were geared towards a petition, whereas the second half of days the prayers were given in thanksgiving – in anticipation and expectation even if the wish had not yet been fulfilled. 
Couples struggling with fertility, can benefit from this approach. We can influence our body through our mind. Whenever one physically and mentally imagines the positive desired outcomes to the point that the body feels those positive emotions, then the brain learns these new memories. Regular repeats gradually enable a re-wiring of brain responses which in turn influence the body. 
Take for instance a negative emotional response to getting one’s period. With each cycle the strength of the memory is increased. This is where charting and learning to feel positive about one’s fertility is important. Instead of dreading the period, appreciation of the full clear out of the womb might help. Think of the feeling of achievement and gratitude after a day in the garden getting it ready for the spring season. This leads to the body and mind working in harmony. 
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