I never had regular periods and I’ve seen one gynaecologist after another, but nothing worked to fix them – my periods were always messed up. 
Ira was recommended to me and the first session was great. It opened my eyes to how little we women know about our bodies. 
At the beginning, I wasn’t sure [about the method] but over time I could see that it makes sense. It gives me a really clear picture of what’s going on in my body. I can adjust things – change something in my diet – and see from one month to another whether anything is different [with my cycle]. 
Ira’s been really supportive and once I met her I didn’t have any doubts about doing this, because she explained everything really clearly. It’s holistic – it supports your overall health as well as your reproductive system. 
The whole experience for me has been amazing – I’d definitely recommend it to someone who wants to get pregnant now or in the future. 
- Agata, London 
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